How do you find BOLD leaders? Take our simple assessment as a place to start!

MBA programs are full of case studies outlining examples where, in times of large marketplace change – be it industry, competitive, technology, or some other pressing factor – a company is forced to transform. And those case studies always have winners and losers, with the winners having made the right decisions to bring them to victory, and the losers somehow not. After years of doing transformational work ourselves and talking with many BOLD leaders, we have come to the conclusion that change initiatives fail or struggle most often when a BOLD leader is not in charge.

After taking the assessment, you will receive a set of confidential results. Whether you are deemed BOLD or not, there will be suggestions about how you can start to think about utilizing your own BOLD strengths or finding a BOLD leader who can help carry your organizational objectives forward.

Your individual results will not be shared.

Things to note about the assessment:

  • There are 41 questions.
  • It should take you roughly 10-15 minutes to complete.

Questions will be fed to you one at a time. Try to respond with your first instinct – don’t overthink!